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Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract Plan Revised

In response to  numerous comments and letters received, regarding the draft Preservation Plan for the Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract HPOZ a revised draft has been prepared.  The revised draft expands the list of projects that would be exempt from HPOZ review and provides guidelines that are further adapted to this unique setting.  You can check out the revised plan here (it’s only 4MB this time, so the download should be easier than it has in the past):

Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract October Draft

If you would like to give a careful examination to the specific language that has been changed please check out the following edited chapters in a more technical “red-line” verson: Chapter 2 Edits, Chapter 3 Edits, Chapter 7 Edits.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to provide additional input on the plan.  We will be sending hard copies of the revised draft to neighborhood volunteers this week who will be distributing the plan along with this memo for your review.



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